Predictive Analytics is a branch of advanced analytics which is used to make predictions of future events based on data mining, statistical modeling and advanced machine and deep learning techniques.

We at COUPS believe in delivering high quality complex architectural systems, tailor made for our client needs. We are experts in Retail, Banking, Health Care, Insurance and Power (Oil & Gas) domains.

We enable you to discover interesting and useful patterns in your data and harness them to automatically highlight problems or pin-point opportunities. Thus, by transforming uncertainty to usable action with high probability, we give you control over future and hence a superior competitive advantage. Our team of talented Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts are capable of delivering the following predictive analytics services:

Optimization Services

  • Marketing Spend optimization - Sentiment Analysis based on social media data for targeted product marketing by predicting upcoming market trends.
  • Assortment optimization, replenishment analysis, managing sales, pack size simulation.
  • Inventory Analysis, inventory management performance to minimize variable cost.

Analytics Services

  • Price Analytics, price change simulations, etc.
  • Quality and Warranty Analytics for Manufacturing.
  • Threat and Fraud Analytics (Fraud Detection, Pattern Recognition, Law Enforcement and Defense, Cyberdefence, Log Event Prediction).
  • Heathcare Analytics, Predicting patients that can develop ailments (say diabetes) in advance and offer preventive measures.
  • Customer Analytics (Churn, Recommendation, Cross/Up Sell, Segmentation, Opportunity Identification, Social Media and Content Analytics).
  • Operational Analysis (Demand Planning, Predictive and Econometric Forecasting).
  • Predictive Maintenance and Quality.

Other Services

  • Use Case Development and Business Benefit Analysis.
  • Data Preparation, Exploration and Hypothesis Development.
  • Uncover deficiencies/deviations/issues in specific channels in the marketing mix.
  • Probabilistic Risk Management to make accurate forecasts (Risk Management Services).
  • Model Development and Fine-tuning of Models.
  • Business Process Integration and Decision Automation.

Solutions available for Key Industry Verticals:

  • FMCG
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities & Energy