About Coups.

Coups is a consulting company that provides leading-edge solutions for business intelligence, innovation, big data, machine learning and predictive analytics. Our greatest strength is that we can provide an information analysis platform that meets today's needs by making full use of cutting-edge technologies such as Hadoop and SAP HANA

Specialized in specialized fields

The knowledge and experience to provide a tailored information analysis platform to our customers and our responsibility to work with business leaders. We can always offer the highest technology only because we specialize in our discipline. We propose solutions that meet the needs and objectives of our customers and enhance their business value

Expert insight

Business Intelligence (BI)-It's all about our job. It is our role to guide the customer until he or she can freely analyze the enormous amount of data and use it in business plans and corporate strategies. Our consultants, who have many years of experience and wisdom, make full use of all of their technologies and provide customers with solutions that are suitable for each organization


We are a member of our customer team. Our team will work as one to work on a series of tasks from the initial requirements definition, design, development, installation, and operation to business expansion. In addition, we support customers as needed after each service provision so that they can respond to the ever-changing business environment. We provide services such as training, technical support, maintenance, and customization. We would like to build a business relationship with a sense of responsibility and trust while respecting our customers

Responsible support

We cannot succeed without your success. Even after the platform is built, we will continue to verify that the data is secured with high quality and can be used efficiently, and we will support customers until the results are obtained